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Meet Our Executives

Our Executive Team

100% Employee-Owned Company

Our customers often say it just feels like Wiginton cares more. There’s a reason for that. Every employee is also an owner. Every employee has a stake in your project’s success. As a 100% employee-owned company, our employees feel the difference, too. We champion each employee’s individual success to the entire company to achieve success. Our commitment creates a culture favoring promotion from within, long-term tenured employees, and people who really love to come to work.

  • Don Wiginton

    Don Wiginton

    Chairman and CEO

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  • Alan Wiginton

    Alan Wiginton

    Vice Chairman

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  • Mark Erickson

    Mark Erickson

    President, Chief Operating Officer

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  • Robert Jolly

    Robert Jolly

    Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

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  • Randy Agee

    Randy Agee

    Senior Vice President, Wiginton Fire Systems

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  • George Stanley

    George Stanley

    Sr. Vice President of Wiginton Fire Protection Engineering, Inc.

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  • Robert Cariveau

    Robert Cariveau

    Vice President, Service

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  • Jeysson Geronimo

    Vice President, General Manager

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  • Randy Almond

    Randy Almond

    Vice President, Sales

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  • Ernie Rodriguez

    Ernie Rodriguez

    Vice President, Wiginton Fire Protection Engineering

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  • Ramona Castellano

    Ramona Castellano

    Vice President, Controller

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  • Steve Browne

    Steve Browne

    Vice President, Director of Human Resources

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  • Skip Houston

    Skip Houston

    Vice President, Purchasing

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