Fire Protection Florida - Customer Feedback

Special Hazards

Citgo Petroleum – Tampa, FL
Fuel storage and loading facility.
Converted Tank 17 fire protection coverage for Ethanol storage. Replaced the orifice plates in the foam chambers, installed multi-spectrum flame detectors and replaced the existing foam concentrate with 3/3% AR-AFFF
Gainesville Raceway – Gainesville, FL
21,320 square feet, 63 sprinkler heads
1 automatic dry standpipe, 1 dry system
1,250 GPM @ 150 PSI diesel fire pump
Publix Hood Installation – Lakeland, FL Verizon Woodlands
Preaction System
CNL Hanger –
20,000 square feet, low level low expansion AFFF Foam with Wet Roof Sprinklers
Galaxy Hanger –
Foam test at Galaxy. Click the image above to watch the video.